3MM Herringbone Chain

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What’s good Flexers! Indulging in an extra layer of luxury, the one and only 18k gold plated Herringbone Chain is available now. Pick your favorite size and add them to your jewelry collection. 

Special tips for wearing this product: Since the chain segments are both flat and thin, pulling the necklace a bit harder might bend it. And depending on what clothing you wear, the segments may also get caught in it and twist, and as a result, the chain can be easier ruined compared to others. However, if you store them properly and treat them gently, it will last longer then the other pieces. 


Chain Color: Gold, Silver

Chain Length: 20 inches, 24 inches

Chain Width: 3 MM

Gold Plated: 18K Gold Plated

Weight: 10 g for 20 inches, 13 g for 24 inches